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Professionalism Technical Excellence Innovation Total Dedication, That's how the saga of success story of Bala Enterprises and Bala industries goes on, With specialized experience in Construction Industry more than 30 years. Our company's ideological foundations in respect of commitment to time bound completion of projects and high quality construction have been the corner stone’s to our rapid growth over the years. Our consistent pursuit of customer satisfaction has won us several prestigious awards and all round acclaim in the past.
Bala Enterprises experienced and resourceful Mechanical Contractors and Electrical "A" grade (EA 2605) Contractors engaged in installation works of Chemical, Salt, Power plant, Petroleum plants and allied plant machinery. We executed Mechanical and Electrical installations for number of small, medium and large organization. We can take of installation works covering Civil, Structural and Electrical Designs and carry out Detailed Engineering for all type of industries.
Bala Industries services based in Thoothukudi is a dedicated associate of Bala Enterprises. Bala industries equipped Mechanical and Electrical manufacture's of Pressure Vessels, Pressure pipe lines, Columns, Truss Towers, Heat Exchangers/Condenser, Chimney, Kiln, Oil and water Storage Tanks, Hoppers, Centrifugals, Dryers, Belt conveyors etc. and their interconnecting pipelines, as per the consultants design in accordance with accepted standards/codes, and subject to third party inspection. We are well versed in the above mentioned work and have reasonable interaction and liaison with inspection agencies like Barath metallurgical Laboratory.
Bala Group company (BGC) is an independent, privately owned Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure company that provides client tailor-made turnkey Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure solutions.
BGC founded by Mr. P.Nainar in 1980 as a small enterprise and has growth into full-fledged Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure firm.
BGC has experience in large customized solution provider for an array of industries and projects Chemical, Salt, Power plant, Petroleum plants and allied plant machinery.
BGC has dealt with client they include small family owned enterprises to large public corporations.....
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