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Bala Group Company has developed excellent relationships with clients in a wide range of industries, there by giving us the skill and experience to execute projects customized to specific industries taking in to account requirements applicable to such industries.  
    M/s. DCW Limited - Arumuganari.
    M/s. TamilNadu Electricity Board.
    M/s. Heavy Water Plant Ltd.
    M/s. Gujarat Technical Cell Ltd.
    M/s. Foxconn India Pvt. Ltd.
    M/s. ISIS Pvt. Ltd.
    M/s. Tuticorin Slat Marine Chemicals
    M/s. Adsorbent Carbon Pvt. Ltd. Tuticorin
    M/s. Kay Salt Refinery
    M/s. PKN Industries – china clay plant
  M/s. Kilburn Chemicals Ltd.
  M/s. SPIC Pvt. Ltd.
  M/s. Tuticorin Salt Marine Chemicals Ltd.
  M/s. Aluwalia Contracts (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  M/s. AMCO Construction India Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Max electricks Pvt. Ltd.
  M/s. Brillant Slat Refinery.
  M/s. Tuticorin Municipality Corporation
  M/s. GDas & Co – Salt Refinery
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